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MIS stands for Management Information System. It assists the firms to organize the data in a systematic method so that it become simple to carry out the business procedure. The idea is to solve analytical tasks and take decisions pertaining to the industry. The traditional method involved storing huge data on a piece of paper. Firms have adopted this approach to ease the process of data management. The demand for skilled MIS professionals is growing tremendously. To acquire such skills, it is essential to take MIS training in Delhi, India from the reputed institute. We have highly experienced trainers who have adequate knowledge about basic as well as advanced version of MIS.

MIS is a system that provides latest technology for arranging and organizing the data within the organization. Since it’s the quicker and resourceful way to maintain the data and facts, this is the actual reason why people are going for MIS training in Delhi, India.

High technologies Solutions is the leading industry that provides MIS training in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We aim at meeting the learning requirements of the learners as per the industry. HTS has excelled in the field of providing the best training in terms of client satisfaction and support. Live projects, mock interviews, workshop, etc. are conducted by our experienced faculty. All our expertise trainers hold 10+ experience in this domain. We offer formal as well as informal training to encourage learners to get a good grip over the subject. The course is proposed to provide adequate knowledge about the basic as well as advanced version of Tableau training in Delhi, NCR. We introduce learners with MIS and clear their doubts to tackle difficult situations in the IT sector.

Benefits provided by HTS for MIS Training in Delhi, India

1. Formal Training:-

We carefully design the classroom programs keeping in mind the background and requirements of the learners.

2. Expertise Trainers:-

Our trainers are highly experienced and have adequate knowledge in this domain.

3. Real-time scenarios:-

We always focus on practical aspects to deliver the best teaching experience.

4. Assignments:-

We assign various tasks to students to enhance their MIS skill.

5. Certificate

Get a certificate on successful completion of the training

Why choose HTS for MIS training course in Delhi, India?

Our institute offers the best service to the learners. Known for data management, this course is highly beneficial for organizing the data effectively.

1-An inclusive program for fresh pass-outs and working professionals. 2- Work on real-time scenario. 3- Gain mastery over Tableau, SQL, and Advanced excel. 4-MIS is used to organize data within the organization

Course objective:-

On successful completion of the training, students will be able to:-

1-Thorough Knowledge of worksheets handling and MS-Excel workbooks.

2-Proficient in using macro and array formulas.

3-Complete understanding of MySQL

4-Familiar with Looping

5-Introduction to Tableau

6-Comprehend VBA

Who is this Course for?

The Management Information System training in Delhi, India is beneficial for anyone who wish to make their career in the IT field. Students should be 12th pass and should have basic knowledge about computers and coding

Job Opportunities after MIS Training in Delhi, NCR

Our institute offer several job opportunities in the IT sector. We train the learners on various aspects. Some of the opportunities include:-

Systems Analyst , Business Analyst, MIS Executive, Database Analyst, Systems Developer

Top Reasons to Join HTS for MIS Training in Delhi, India

1-Trainers hold 7+ experience in the industry .. . . . .

2-Trainers introduce students to the real-time scenario

3-Smart labs with latest tools and technologies

4-Handbooks, e-books, online videos are provided by our institute

5-Group discussions, mock interviews, live sessions are conducted on a daily basis

6-Our curriculum is designed according to the industry requirements

7- We provide extra classes to candidates who has missed the lecture due to certain reasons

HTS Trainer’s Profile for MIS Training in Delhi, India

1-Our trainers have 7+ experience working in this domain. They have also worked in top MNC’S companies like Accenture, Infosys, HCL, etc.

2-Trainers also assist students over placements.

3-Trainers conduct live projects as per the industry requirements.

Placement Assistance after MIS Training in Delhi, NCR

  • HTS has a placement cell that assists students as per their requirements. It tops the list in proving 100% placement.
  • We help in adding weightage to the learner’s curriculum vitae.
  • Our students have been hired by top MNC’s like Accenture, Infosys, etc.
    1. Excel Quick Overview
  • Use of Excel, its boundaries & features
    2. Data Formatting & Custom settings
  • Number, Text, Date, Currency, Custom settings. Data formatting & cleaning
    3. Conditional Formatting
  • Once defined, it will automatically change color of values e.g. up or down, high or low, pass or fail, profit or loss etc.
    4. Filters, Queries & Data Sorting
  • Drill down your data to your desired level. Sort data based on your choice e.g. like North, East, West, South rather than alphabetically.
    5. Formula Writing & Fixing Errors
  • Financial, Logical, Text, Day and Time, Statistical, Mathematical etc Sum, Average, Count,Minimum, Maximum, Absolute, Concatenate, Count, CountA, CountBlank, CountIf, Day,Today, Even, Exact, Exp, Find, Int, IsBlank, Left, Len, Lower, Upper, Proper, Now, Power, Rank, Right, Round, Trim etc.
    6. If-Then-Else & Nested If commands
  • Produce different set of results based on slabs, conditions.
    7. Vlookup / Hlookup
  • You have large amount of data placed at different locations & you want to merge it based on common values & it’s relevance.
    8. Graphs & Charts
  • In this workshop you will learn how to create, modify & update graphs / charts like Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter, 3D etc.
    9. Hyper / Data Linking
  • Hyper & data linking, within or outside Worksheet / Excel File is an important feature. This helps update data automatically.
    10. Grouping - Ungrouping
  • Sometime data needs to be grouped for summarized results & crisp view. Grouping & ungrouping feature will help you do so.
    11. Pivot Tables
  • Summarize your data as per your desire. You need to select data in a range & produce consolidated results in user defined reporting formats.
    12. Macros Recording, use, editing, linking:
  • Record, edit & use Macros with little or no programming knowledge.
    13. Security & Protection
  • It will help you protect your cells, worksheet or an excel file from unauthorized use.
    14. Data Validation
  • Prevent wrong data entry in your specified format.
  • Training Curriculum as per Industrial Standard.
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Pre Placement & Technical Assessment at frequent interval.
  • Real time case studies/Project Based Training.

What if I have queries after I complete this course MIS ?

You can access to the Support as per the validity mentioned in your I-card issued by High Technologies Solutions, the team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

How soon after admission would I get classes ?

Post-enrollment, the HTS representative will be instantly provided to you and will be available till end of the course and assist you with the date & time for classes.

Do you provide placement assistance ?

Yes, High Technologies Solutions is committed to provide you a great learning experience. We will train you accordingly so that you will grab job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. We can assist you on resume building and also share important interview questions once you are done with the training.

I have recently enrolled but I am unable to continue in the same batch. Can I reschedule it to a future date ?

Yes, it is possible. You can enroll now and can reschedule your classes in Future. You have complete Flexibility on this at High Technologies Solutions. Also, you can check out the website to know more about our future batches.

Can I attend a demo session ?

Yes, it would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, quality of trainer and the course quality.

Are these training sessions conducted online or via Physical classroom ?

These classes will be completely Physical classroom. You can discuss your queries with trainer during a class.

What is the schedule of the classes and how many hours effort would I need to put in every week ?

Depending on the batch you select, Your Classes will be held either every weekend for 4 weeks or 3 weekdays. This shall comprise hands-on assignments.

What are the payment options ?

You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. We use a CC Avenue Payment Gateway.

Who are the Instructors ?

All our instructors are real time professional from the Industry and have at least 8 to 10 yrs. of relevant experience. They are experts and worked part time at High Technologies Solutions for providing training so that students get a great learning experience.

How will I execute the Practical’s ?

For your practical work, High Technologies Solutions provides you step-by-step procedure guide. Additionally, our expert support team will be available to assist you.

What if I miss a class ?

You will never lose any class. You can choose either of the two options: 1. You can attend the missed session, in any other batch. 2. Otherwise trainer will arrange the backup classes for the same.

What if I have more queries ?

You can give us a CALL at 92-11-144222 OR email at support@htsindia.com

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Courses Review


Syed sir teach very nice and he gives extra knowledge other than course. - JITENDRA KUMAR / Kalkaji (K-08326)


ok - POOJA SHARMA / Kalkaji (K-09030)


Please Provide good placement facility to your candidate - GAURAV MATHUR / Kalkaji (K -07754)


Hi, this is the best institute for learning MIS Course, trainer and all staff are supportive. - RACHNA VERMA / Kalkaji (K-08582)


Very good training. Trainer and the institute are cooperative and helpful. - SATPAL CHOUDHARY / Kalkaji (K-08930)


I just really love to learn all things from HTS and from my trainer . All staff well cooperative. - DEEPAK SHARMA / Kalkaji (K -07901)




1. Better management skills to manage the existing class rather than starting new claases. 2. Infrastructure is good. 3. Nobody is perfect so scope is always there to improve. Keep the good work HTS. - SUSHMITA RAWAT / Kalkaji (K-08639)


No - RAVI SHARMA / Kalkaji (K -07649)


DONE - KIRTI BANSAL / Kalkaji (K -08192)


ok - ZUHAIR KHALID KHAN / Kalkaji (K-09080)


No - HEMANT SHARMA / Kalkaji (K -07648)


My training was very good. Special thanks for Sayed sir. He has very deep knowledge on the subject and excellent training techniques. - PRATIK ROY / Kalkaji (K-09053)


I am quite satisfied with the trainer but not with the management. - KOMAL / Kalkaji (K -08249)


Very good training institute. Trainer is also very nice. - PRANAM SINGH / Kalkaji (K -08161)


- ARUSHI OBEROI / Kalkaji (K -07953)


- RAHUL GUPTA / Kalkaji (K -07942)


My training was very useful in this institute. My trainer syed sir is a very good trainer. - KUNDAN KUMAR / Kalkaji (K-08585)


N/A - SAMARESH SURINDAN / Kalkaji (K -07650)


trainer is good in his skills and is always ready to educate his students whenever needed. there should be compulsory practical classes available where students can themselves take an advantage of getting trained and can do some practice in the presence of the trainer for further clear understanding. - ARCHITA SHARMA / Kalkaji (K-09145)


lab facilities need to improve more. - TANYA RAI / Kalkaji (K-08324)




done - AMIT RAJA / Kalkaji (K-08456)


Suggestions are below : 1. The feedback form is not correct, for ex : If i rate someone for STRONGLY DISAGREE, then it should be clearly written on which point i am choosing it. In this form Strongly Disagree can be stand for Negative as well positive. so correction is required. 2. It's been 4 months with HTS, when i am drinking chilled water, so normal cold water should be there not CHILLED. 3. Many times i heard lots of noise while taking the class, people sitting outside (management) makes lo - ARJUN SINGH / Kalkaji (K-08495)


Nice environment to study. - AROBINDA SAHOO / Kalkaji (K -07647)


Trainer is Good.Trainer also teach very clearly method...... - RAM KUMAR RAJAK / Kalkaji (K-08677)


place ment facilities was also provide in the hts institution. - RAJENDER SINGH BIST / Kalkaji (K -07745)


Lab facility not good. Commitment not fullfilled. - MANOJ PARIHAR / Kalkaji (K-08842)


Suggestion - Add more topics in the Course curriculam. Sayed sir is the best trainer i have ever experienced. He covered all the topics in detail and with great examples and also provides the practicle files for Practice. Enjoyed taking training under him. Regards, Deeapak Chawla - DEEPAK CHAWLA / Kalkaji (K-08912)


all ok - DEEPIKA GERA / Kalkaji (K -08015)


- RAHUL GUPTA / Kalkaji (K -07942)


I had a great experience with the institute and specially with my trainer Syed sir. - VIPUL BANSAL / Kalkaji (K-08600)


System not working for practice. Placement support is not available. - LOVISH CHAUDHARY / Kalkaji (K-08795)


done - SATINDER KUMAR / Kalkaji (K-08676)

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