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Value of human capital and its development is vital. However, it is often much undervalued as an investment opportunity. Research findings recommend strongly that organizations invest in their people – give them the training, the tools, and the confidence to get their job done with best of their people’s ability. After all the employees are the bedrock of the edifice of any business. Hence one of the foremost methods to boost your organization’s growth and customer satisfaction is to consistently train, train, and train your work force.

After 13 years, High Technologies Solutions has emerged as one of the best IT corporate training companies in India. After conducting a thorough technical need assessment of a company, we offer customized corporate training solutions. We are committed to philosophy of excellence.

Over the years, High Technologies Solutions has championed the art of impacting business outcomes of global clients across multiple sectors through its customized corporate training programs.

Training Methodology

All participants will undergo intensive training focused on applying skills in IT world, work under guidance of experts, learn advanced technologies by implementing, go through all possible working conditions and gain exhaustive experience from best-in-training program practices….

Relatively for IT skill enhancement, we impart project based Training. All participants participate and interact with the group. Group activities, audio-visual aids, exercises, presentations, anecdotal sharing, screening of real time IT based case studies etc are segments a typical training session is divided into.

The instructor plays the role of a leader or a teacher, a guide or a facilitator, a moderator or a coach, as the situation demands.

Training Batch Size

This is variable. For intense focus groups, the size could be restricted to 6-10. Otherwise a batch size of 20-30 participants is advisable.

Testing Assessment Tools are:

  • Technical Assessment is recorded through tests & assignments
  • Participants' feedback
  • Instructor's feedback
  • Feedback from the participants' supervisor / manager
  • Feedback from participants' subordinates

HTS Corporate Clientele

To name some are Ernst & Young, Moserbaer, HCL, Baxter……………..many more

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