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Microsoft .Net

Duration : 3 Months

Microsoft .Net Technology Provide completes Environment for Developing Application System (presentation layer, Business Logic and Data link layer). And by which we can implemented any Architecture such as one, two, three or n-tier Architecture.

Who Should Attend:
Each session of .NET is designed for developers who want to improve their strength as ASP.NET developers. This course can be used as training material for developers who have never worked with .NET or as a refresher for those who have. The sessions build on each other so if you are a developer interested in ASP.NET, be sure to attend all of the sessions! The audience for this course is MCA,BCA,B.Sc(IT),M.Sc(IT),B.Sc,B.Tech or B.E,O Level, A Level.

At Course Completion:
After completing this course, students will be able to:
? Explain how to create dynamic Web pages by using ASP.NET.
? Manage state, handle requests, and improve accessibility by using the features of ASP.NET.
? Configure an ASP.NET application by using .config files
? Create a user interface on an ASP.NET page by using standard Web server controls.
? Create a user control and a custom server control and add them to an ASP.NET page.
? Access and manipulate data from different sources by using ADO.NET 3.5.
? Access and manipulate data from Windows Communication Foundation services or Web services.
? Present data to the user by placing data-bound controls on an ASP.NET page.
? Improve page responsiveness by using the ASP.NET AJAX controls.
? Interact with the user, access services, and access the AJAX client-side library by using client scripts.
? Find and eliminate bugs in an .NET application.
? Deploy an .NET application to a production Web server.


  • Books
  • CD
  • Labs : 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
  • Live Projects
  • Live Mainframe Connectivity
  • Course Certificate
  • Confirmation Letter / Training Letter / Project Letter:For Degree Pursing Candidates To Submit In Colleges
  • Consultants/Faculties:All our consultants are professionals working with MNC?s Eg. IBM, SDG, XANSA, HCL, WIPRO, CMS, PATNI & Many More
  • Experience Certificates:All our students would be given experience certificates after successful completion of project.
  • 100% Job Assistance:
  • Regular Job updates on our website.
  • Resourcing Through Consultancy Services
  • Regular Walk Ins
  • Exclusive Walk-ins For HTS Students
  • Campus Interviews
  • Resume Sending
  • References
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